Seeing you today
Passing me by
In the breakroom
at work.
You must have seen
Me staring
I smelled your cologne
As your self made breeze
Whispered passed me
I know exactly when
You bought it
I found the receipt
As I dug through your trash
The other night
After you fell asleep
I watched you
Through your window
Exactly 10 p.m.
Every night
After you brush your teeth
And remove your contacts
I watch you
With binoculars
I rummage your garbage cans
I fondle your mail
I stroke the handle
Of your car door
Then at night
I put on the tshirt
You donated to Goodwill
I have never washed it
I smell your smell
Then slide my hand
Down between my legs
And think of you
But maybe this
Is too much information.