I love love love music. The following is a list of ten of my favorite songs, not in any particular order.

1. Revervations by Wilco

I saw Wilco last Summer at the Portland Pier (Portland, Maine). It was the first concert I had been to that wasn’t in a Country Western bar in Texas. What a great night, that I will always remember.

2. Sweet Forgiveness by Susan Tedeschi

This song, I absolutely love. I could listen to it over and over for days on end. Someone very close to me introduced me to this song many many years ago.

3. On The Coast of Somewhere Beautiful by Kenny Chesney

I am a big fan of Kenny Chesney and I love all his songs, but this one…this one is my fave.

4. 100% Texan by Kevin Fowler

I am Texas raised. This is Texas pride, set to music.

5. 6, 8, 12 by Brian McKnight


6. Ironic by Alanis Morrisette

This song brings me back. I remember sitting in a little yellow Mazda Miata with the cutest guy. We sat in that car til 5 in the morning talking, and this song came on…one of many, but this one, always jars that memory. Yeah, come to find out, he was married. How ironic.

7. Right To Be Wrong by Joss Stone

Her voice is incredible. Oozes sexiness, and she can surely belt it out.

8. No One by Alicia Keys

The first time I heard Alicia Keys sing was on Oprah. I was hooked ever since.

9. Save Room by John Legend

His voice is mmmmm….delicious.

10. She’s Country by Jason Aldean

Damn. Jason Aldean is hot.