Pretending On Friday

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It was a deep blue day
Bright with sun
And desire
Gazing dreamily
Fantasy ruling
Every waking moment
Of reality.


NapoWriMo #11: You

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Today’s prompt was to write to the thing you didn’t choose. It could be a thing, or a person. Here is my attempt.

How could it have been
All those years
Spent waiting
The time spent together
I allowed it
And it was painful
I would cry
You would soothe me
With words
Never strong arms
Soft touch
Only words
I couldn’t go on
Or was it you
In the end
That didn’t choose me.

PAD Challenge Day 11: The Last Song I Heard

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Today’s PAD Challenge prompt is to fill in the blank, “The Last (blank)”.

Earbuds on
Eyes closed
In my own little world
Her voice sang
Words of love
I thought of you