Drama Queen

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She focused on the negative
Living her life
In the past
In yesterday
So tiring to listen
The same words
The same drama
Enough is enough
I told her
Let it go
It’s over
Moving forward
Seeming like a stranger
To her
I could not imagine
What it would be like
To live a life like hers
Stuck in a yesterday
That she refuses
To forget


PAD Challenge Day 27

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The prompt for today is to write an end of the line poem. I’m really tired, so I’m totally winging this one today.

Should I call
Shouldn’t I call
The back and forth
Conversation with myself
Thinking of how to start
Of the things I would say
Interesting topics
Practicing my tone
Memorizing words
The phone in my hand
Grasping tightly
Hanging up
Hanging up
All the while
An impatient
Almost disappointed person
Is waiting
For the phone to ring
At the other end of the line.

PAD Challenge Day 24: An Evening Poem

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Today’s prompt is to write an evening poem.

Tuck me in
A dark heavy blanket
Made of stars and sky
As you whisper
Cool night air
Like a kiss
From you
Carried across the miles
Caressing my face

PAD Challenge Day 23

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Today’s prompt is to write a poem about exhaustion. I think I can handle that. 🙂

Walking faster
For the moment that you stop
Speeding up my step
Hoping to catch up
Even if only to see you
The view of you walking away
Never waiting
Can’t we just sit a moment
Watch the rest of the world rush by
Maybe a little nap
Or lazing on the couch
Staying up late
Watching infomercials.

NaPoWriMo #21: Perfectly Flawed


This is an interesting prompt. “Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.” Mine goes something like this…

My Daily Imperfection

There she is
That girl in the mirror
Always a bad hair day
Miniature eyelashes
Forehead too big
Hips too wide
Legs too chunky
They jiggle when I walk
Muffin top
In the perfect jeans
The body imperfect
But, damn
Those chili cheese fries
Were worth it.

PAD Challenge Day 21: Fill In The Blank

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Today’s prompt is to fill in the blank, using the phrase ‘According To (blank). Here goes..

According To The Map of My Life

I pave new roads
Every day
Pushing forward
Without a compass
Looking behind
Writing unsent postcards
To the worlds I’ve passed through
Throwing them down
Before me
Like weathered stones
To step upon
Where I’ve been before
Only one place
I’d travel to again
The others
Never to revisit again.

NaPoWriMo #20: The Hero Poem

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Write about my hero, past or present? That’s easy.

You showed up
Out of the blue
In your invisible cape
Of awesomeness.

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